Golf: The Open 2009 (by G@m3loft)

sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

Supplied by dedomil

Step onto the prestigious Turnberry golf course with The Open 2009.
Select your golfer and begin a career taking on tournaments in Italy
and Dubai to build your rank. 3D-like graphics accurately simulate the
real look and feel of each course. Spend your prize money on new gear
at the Golf Shop to improve your golfer's stats. Then, take on the PGA
Tournament's famous Turnberry course for the ultimate title. Newcomers
can learn all the basics in the tutorial, including how to use the
Touch Screen to control the aim and power of their swing with just a

Take on the famous Turnberry golf course and others in a 3D-like mobile
golf sim with touch controls and golf lessons so anyone can play with

600k - speedyshare

1mb - speedyshare


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