Bursting Balloons

quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

The Story

Throw away your cares and take yourself on a trip to the fair ground. Careless summer days are just a button click away.
Bursting balloons is a tetris-like game where groups of balloons float up into the sky. Your task is to make rows of three of a kind to make the balloons burst. It sounds simple, but as the game progresses the balloons gather speed and get more colourful.
For more points you can also try to make a ring of the same coloured balloons. But you'll need to be extra careful because just when you think your ring is nearly completed you might pop some balloons and destroy it.
This delightful game will entertain you for hours and leaving you smiling all day!

* Save Game
* Great soundtrack
* Three brightly coloured fairground themed backgrounds
* Fourteen levels of difficulty
* On line high scores that allow you to test yourself against the best.



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