G@M3LOFT - Turbo jet ski 3D

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

retail by Brveloso/luan17

Turbo Jet Ski 3D

20 runs in 3D circuits so realistic that you will need to lifejackets.


* 7 realistic environments: Rio, Venice, Miami, Halong Bay, Shanghai, Alaska and Lake Powell.
* Action on ultrafast circuits 20
* 6 characters to choose from
* Waves and currents that affect the realistic motorbike
* 5 game modes (tournament, diving and rescue, etc.)

Nokia N95/N85/N93:

Qplaze Mobile: 3D Real Kamasutra - Weekend[RU] [+18]

segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

Are you tired of office and lamplight? You are longing to go outdoors, to breath in fresh air and enjoy the real sun?
In this case 3D Real Kamasutra Weekend is just what you need!

The best mobile guide in pleasures ... outdoors! Evrything that you have evr wanted to know about picnics and just were afraid to ask is now in your phone, in the cutting-edge embodiment.
3D Real Kamasutra - Weekend a real present for those who truly wants to relish when having a rest in the country!
Have a pleasent weekend!

Game features:

- The most modern version of Kamasutra for 3D phones with ability to rotate, zoom in and out;
- Dynamic 3D animation that shows each pose in motion;
- 27 poses from classical to highly exotic;
- Well-known surrounding of picnic outdoors used in unuasual way;
- Indispensable giude for those who wants to have a really good time outdoors.


Qplaze Mobile: 3D Real Kamasutra - OFFICE[RUS] [+18]]

Herocraft Lines Bundle v1.1 Happy Lines & Snow Lines Unsigned

Description :

The new game pack represents two popular games with simple rules,intellectual tasks and captivating game play. There are several different game modes and with constantly increasing game difficulty, it will not let you look away, even for a minute!

Lines Bundle is all you need to pass some time, entertain yourself and test your intelligence and intuition! The game pack offers the ideal marriage of arcade and logical elements, a variety of levels, colorful graphics, pleasant music, several game modes and many diverse and amusing features.

It's impossible not to fall in love with Lines Bundle! You will be able to play against the clock or to set up dizzying records; achieve high scores; or try to overcome dozens of original levels. Several game modes give the opportunity to get as much amusement as possible out of each game, and flexible rules help you to find something new in these games every single time you play.

Just load it up and you'll be inveigled into a vortex of smiles, excitement and riddles which get ever more complicated the more you play!

Game features:

* Classic and well-loved Lines gameplay
* 2 game modes - arcade and classic
* 66 (40+26) original levels
* Bright attractive graphics
* User-friendly interface
* Possibility to tune the game to your taste
* 2 game types: lines and squares
* Stylish soundtrack

Note.. After Signing if you get the message 'Expired Certificate' then set your date back to 06-10-2008.
Also in order for keygen to work you need Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable


Speedway 2009 [EN]

by serviak

[PACK] Magic For Mobile TRIXCELL

domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

About Us

Trixcell was established in 2007 and was the first to introduce the concept of mobile magic, ushering in a new class of mobile entertainment. Our goal is simple – bring people together through magic that is exciting, fun, and accessible to everyone.

Our products, developed in-house, blend sophistication with simplicity. Employing clever secrets and elements of trickery, they still remain focused on enabling every user to perform spectacular magic tricks any place, any time, with no need for the skills of a professional magician. During development we also place great emphasis on extraordinary graphics and creativity, making it impossible to remain indifferent when watching the magic occur.

Unlike other types of mobile entertainment, such as mobile games, whether played in solitude or with distant players, magic tricks on the mobile create real and immediate interaction between people and place the user at the center of attention. They are also perfect for casual use, since performance takes just a few minutes.

Shadow Magicians

In order to enrich our collection of ideas, infuse fresh creativity, and make sure our products are as exciting as they can be, we have searched worldwide and carefully assembled a group of inventors of professional close-up magic and illusions. These members, some of whom serve as magic consultants in cinematic productions and to leading TV shows, are bound in a unique agreement with the company.

Lead by Menny Lindenfeld, Trixcell's co-founder and himself a producer of professional magic, the group regularly convenes for online discussions and occasionally meets face to face. These brain storming sessions are one of our major driving forces.

The group has been collectively dubbed "Shadow Magicians" because their identity, for obvious reasons, remains obscured. And no, you cannot find these guys in the phone directory...


[GLU] Brain Genius 2 (ML)

sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

Supplied by negrohernan

Brain Genius 2 once again stars Dr Lababidi, the white-haired academic who compered the first game and blabbers solicitously, Kawashima-style, about the time of day and the frequency of your visits. But aside from him every bit of content is new, including a full complement of 16 original brain-training exercises.

Once again, the game will track your progress and let you know how you're doing, but this time around you'll also be able to compare your performance with that of other users of your mobile on a leaderboard. You can store three users in all, and to each you can attach a photo using your phone's camera.

Like its predecessor, Brain Genius 2 will also contain a couple of extras to accompany the main game, this time in the form of a selection of Sudoku and Crosspix puzzles, and in keeping with the latest new thing there's going to be a touchscreen version for those blessed with the technology too.