Smash Kart Racing (by Digital Chocolate)

quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009


Get 36 races of all-out Go-Kart madness as you race for gold in up to 9
different cups! Slide, smash & bounce your way past a pack of wacky
characters on 12 unique tracks in 3 wild worlds of ice, sand & zero
gravity! Launch 7 spin-out inducing power-ups like fireworks &
snowballs and then wave good-bye to your opponents as you hit the nitro
boost and speed to victory!


All-out go-kart madness - 12 unique tracks full of skids, slides and crashes!
Compete for the gold in 9 cups with 4 tracks each plus quick game mode with 3 difficulty levels and hot seat multiplayer mode!
Race in 3 different worlds - Paradise Island, Iceberg and Alien World - each with its own exciting game physics including:
* Sandy spin outs! * Super fast, super slippery ice tracks!* Monster zero gravity jumps!
7 Power-ups to blast your enemy or shield yourself from attacks! Including:
Fireworks – lock onto and target the karts in front of you!Snowball- plows karts off the track!Blades – slash karts out of the way!Oil Slick – leaves a nasty spin-out surprise!
Activate Nitro speed boosts to blast past opponents!
Race as one of 8 wacky characters!


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