Street Cricket

terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2009

Welcome to Cricket Street! Play their favorite sport on the streets and smash
and four sixes in buildings, cars and other local businesses!
Cricket players street offers 3 different game modes - batting,
bowling and match and select the game mode lengths. Dynamic game mechanics
a simple thumb control for hours of fun.
The object is to win a game of hitting targets while achieveing
while the goals and the defense of the bowling. In live mode, play a match against
the computer to see if you can do on the street.
While batting, use the left / right navigation keys 4 and 6 on the keyboard to move
the batter on the field to meet the bounce of the ball. Press the Fire / 5 key
unleash a shot. Time your shots with the height and bounce of the ball to
Staff careers.
Shooting range of hooks, pulls, sweeps and defensive. It's that easy!
In Bowling, use the left / right / up / down navigation or 2,4,6 and 8 on the keyboard to
seleect the length to rebound the ball. Press Fire / 5 to confirm the same result
speed in the bar being displayed. Press Fire / 5 to confirm the speed at which the
ball bowler. Be careful not to reach the red zone on the speed bar. This
not result in a ball. Use the Left / 4 key swing / rotate outwards, the right key 6
swing / turn inwards and to / 2 cup key rectum.
What are you waiting for? Get Cricket street and see if it has what it takes
the streets of the rule.



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